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Kathy Daniels

Your Dreams, Our Commitment

dream big

Time was, people thought there were only three variables in buying and selling real estate: location, location, and location. 

Location still is important, but for buyers, “location” never takes the time to understand what they want in a home, what they can afford, where the best home values are located, and aggressively negotiating for the lowest price possible. For sellers,  “location” by itself doesn’t  list a home at the most optimum price, nor does location by itself market it, negotiate with the buyer to get the highest possible price or handle the numerous details in getting the escrow closed. 

That’s what Dick and Kathy Daniels do for the buyers and sellers who trust them with their real estate needs.  It’s what we mean by “For SOLD” Results.

Why Use Dick and Kathy Daniels When Looking to Buy a Home …

  • We know the areas where we’ve represented buyers and sellers.
    • That includes North Inland San Diego County as well as the coastal area and new emerging downtown San Diego housing markets.
      • We know the public schools situation, the community dynamics, the history and future of the areas and neighborhoods where I’ve worked over the past decade.
buying your dream home
  • We work personally with prospective buyers from start to finish.
    • What you see when we meet is what you get.
      • Our buyers are not shown a specific number of home and then told to choose one “or else.” Nor are they handed off to another agent as is the case with so many of the larger real estate “teams.”
      • We stick with my buyers for as long as they are in the market – until We find them the home of their dreams, or as close to it as is available.
  • We negotiate aggressively for the buyers I represent.
    • Over the years, many of our buyers later use Kathy to list the home for sale that we found for them. Their comfort level is not by accident – it’s because they know that we have represented their interests very well and they wouldn’t think of using anyone else.
  • We stay personally involved in all phases of the transaction once the escrow process begins.
    • “Don’t expect what you don’t inspect” is an adage that proves true time and time again during the escrow process. So much can happen -- or not happen -- during the home inspection and loan approval processes. We stay on top of those functions from start to finish to be sure everything that can be done is being done to be ready to hand ourbuyers the keys to their new home.

Why Use Dick and Kathy Daniels When Looking To Sell Your Home …

  • We take an aggressive – yet realistic – approach in helping sellers determine the best asking price for their home.
    • We don’t “hype” a homeowner by carelessly throwing out an unrealistic price when we are asked what I think the home should sell for.
      • But we do think aggressively to recommend the highest price that will still attract maximum attention and interest on the part of home buyers looking for homes in that price range to buy.
selling your home
  • We practice “maximum exposure” in marketing homes we list.
    • That means. . .
      • Conducting Open Houses on weekends with newspaper ads and off- and on-site signage;
      • Including the homes on our website,, and other state-of-the-art marketing resources.
        • More homes are attracting buyers via the strategic use of Internet marketing
      • Placing strategically placed ads in newspaper and targeted real estate media;
      • Producing and distributing high-impact flyers;
      • Calling people we know are looking for homes in the locale and price range; and,
      • “Pitching” the homes aggressively – and personally – to Realtor groups.
  • We work intensively with our seller clients during the negotiations process of an offer to be sure that the home sells for the best possible price.
    • In the end, it’s the seller who decides at what price he or she will sell the home. But it’s our job to give our seller clients the information they need to make the right decision during the negotiations process.
  • Once an offer is accepted, we personally stay with the transaction at every step until close of escrow.
    • Again, “Don’t expect what you don’t inspect” applies – from the home inspection process to making sure the buyer is performing his or her obligations on time during the escrow process and taking whatever possible steps to help both sides to be sure the escrow closes on time.

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